Coot Sailing Boat – 22 Foot Chesapeake Bay Sharpie

Coot Sailing Boat – 22 Foot Chesapeake Bay Sharpie Woodworking Plan

While I realize this one needs to be filed under ‘future dreams’, I hope one day that my skills will be enough so that I might tackle a project such as this.

This boat plan is for a twenty-two foot long sharpie skiff sailing boat with a small 2 person cabin. Coot is a throwback to the days when sharpies dominated the Chesapeake Bay. With her raking masts and “clipper” bowsprit, she also suggests the lines of the larger Skipjacks and Pungies that once plied the Bay. If built today, I imagine this Coot would get her share of attention wherever she went.

While a little hard to read, as its mostly a collection of scanned book pages, this plan assumes lots of pre-knowledge. Remember, you can use your browsers ”Zoom” function to make the diagrams easier to read – usually ”CTRL and +” on your keyboard. Over a dozen diagrams are included, as well as a thorough material list.


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