Easy Entry Arbor

Easy Entry Arbor Woodworking Plan

With spring finally here we have been working in the yard these past few weekends; setting out a vegetable plot; building a fence;making netting frames to keep the birds away from the seeds, etc. And now that the more urgent projects are done, my thoughts wander to some garden beatification projects … something to make the place a look a little nicer.

So what better than an Arbor. I wanted a project plan that was not too complicated, as I am still in the beginner part of my woodworking journey. When I came across this Arbor Project plan. This arbor has nice clean lines, nothing too fancy, but still quite striking.

The project plan is more of a long-walk through. It has some nice elevation diagrams, and a lumber list, but no Tools List, and no hardware list. So you should read through the plan a few times to make sure you have all the tools you will need. Most importantly, treat yourself to a Post Level – like I just did when we were putting up the garden fence. Just $5, but made my life so much easier, with a lot less bending!

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