Gothic-Styled Box Chair

Gothic-Styled Box Chair Woodworking Plan

This box chair plan has, how shall we say … several uses.

First off it is an excellent and stylish storage solution, that, of course, doubles as a handy chair. Additionally it has a portable aspect to it, so it can double as a discreet porta potty shell. Combine that with period looks, and it might be perfect for your next Ren-Faire or Civil War re-enactment tent.

This project is obviously a labor of love for the author, and it sounds as if the plans have moved through several iterations as the author perfected them.

The chair has short legs to keep it off the ground, protects the bottom from ground moisture & mold, also keeps it cleaner & doesn’t’ kill grass. If you’re concerned about the legs tearing a plastic ground tarp, you can get some of those rubber chair-leg stoppers that fit over the end of the chair leg; you’ll probably have to whittle the end of the leg to fit it.

This is a multi-page article with lots of extra diagrams, and some extra chair back patterns.

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