Simple Garden Chair

Simple Garden Chair Woodworking Plan

These garden chair plans are an extremely simple design and is probably one of the easier chairs to construct. Building this garden chair merely requires that you cut and drill all the pieces of lumber according to the detailed plans provided and then assemble all the pieces.

Once all the lumber pieces have been cut and the holes marked and drilled, simply line up the holes in the various pieces (according to plan), place the bolts in the holes and the chair frame will take shape automatically!

Below is a drawing of every different piece of wood used in this project and a cross-section drawing showing all the pieces in place. Each drawing shows angle cuts, dimensions and the placement of any bolt holes.

To help you even further, the drawings are followed by further explanation, information about lumber sizes and notes regarding measurements.

This garden chair is constructed solely from 2×4 and 1×4 lumber. Both are common stock sizes and can be obtained from most lumber stores.
Note that when lumber is dressed or surfaced, the finished (actual) size (width and thickness) is less than the nominal size. The sizes referred to in this project are the actual sizes.

There are also some nice picture sent in by readers of the results of using this plan.

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  2. The common slat requiring 6 pieces 33-3/8″, appears to be longer than necessary.

    By Joseph Shepard on Aug 20, 2012

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