Wooden Go-Kart Plans

Wooden Go-Kart Plans Woodworking Plan

Wooden go-karts, often called go-carts, gokarts or simply carts, are simple vehicles which are not self-propelled, therefore someone must push the go-kart and driver, or use the kart for going down hills, hence the prefix “go” is put before the kart. In these plans, spoked wheels are used, as this allows the driver to to turn the wheels by hand, much like on a wheelchair. Normally – the steering mechanism is very simple, and can be done by the drivers feet, or by using a length of rope to rotate the front axle, much like on old stage coaches seen on television. Typically on simple wooden kart, or soap-box-carts, there are no brakes, and as a result – are to be used for slow speeds only.

These simple wooden gokart plans can be made by anyone. Only simple common tools are required, along with some materials easily found at home, or which can be purchased very cheaply in a DIY, or hobby shop.

Some beautiful images in a variety of sizes are provided, along with a cool animated “breakdown” animation. Lots of detailed diagrams and even an electronic copy (eDrawing) are provided. Be Safe!

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