Zen Rock Garden

Zen Rock Garden Woodworking Plan

“Through Zen philosophy, one can experience the large in the small. And in a grain of sand, glimpse the meaning of the world.” For centuries, Japanese Zen masters have practiced this philosophy by cultivating gardens of harmoniously-arranged rocks and raked gravel. This simple task reduces the day’s complexities and helps you develop an inner calm and your own perspective on life.

Now, not everyone has room for a full-size rock garden, and so these miniature rock gardens have become popular in the West. Unfortunately, these miniature gardens are usually mass-produced and rather dull in design, typically being four planks of wood and a piece of plywood for the base. With this plan they have tried to make the project slightly more ornate, while still adhering to a Zen-like simplicity. Apologies in advance to any Zen traditionalists…

This Zen Rock Garden plan includes a list of tools required; a cutting list and detailed instructions.


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